In Paris for Louis Vuitton Secret Places

Comments Off 20 February 2012

“…I’ve been in Paris since yesterday with Louis Vuitton staff: after the beautiful experience from last September in Venezia, this December Veronica, Alessandra, Real Nob guys and I were hosted in the most important maison of the brand. After leaving our luggage at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel we were driven to the “maison de famille”, the historical house of the Vuitton family where everything started: all the rooms were restored to reflect the taste of the past (It was built in 1880) and the visit has always been limited to “friends and family”. It was such an honour to discover we were the first bloggers to officially visit this secret place. Close to the maison there is the first Louis Vuitton atelier, founded in 1859 in which a lot of the bags and trunks are still produced: thanks to a guided tour (in which it was unfortunately forbidden to take photos) we had the chance to see the different phases of production of some of my favourite bags, and to get breathless in front of the limited edition pieces, realizied with the maximum attention in every detail…” theblondesalad

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